Grants for November 2012

Federal Awards

Brown, Sherwood, NIH, Attenuation of Corticosteroid-Induced Hippocampal Changes, $243,270; Carroll, Thomas, NIH, Interactions Between Stroma and Progenitor Cells During Kidney Development, $345,825; Devous, Michael, Molecular Neuroimaging LLC/NIH, Computational Tools for Research in NeuroScience, Behavioral Science and Mental Health, $154,240; Devous, Michael, Baylor Research Inst./U.S. Dept. of Education, North Texas Traumatic Brain Injury Model System, $56,271; Elmquist, Joel, NIH, Leptin Action and Central Melanocortin Systems, $319,124.

Goldberg, Mark, Washington Univ. in St. Louis/NIH, Washington University Spotrias Center - Stroke Trials Registry/WEB Interface, $285,413; Gruchalla, Rebecca, Univ. of Wisconsin/NIH, Inner-City Asthma Consortium (ICAC): Immunologic Approaches to Reduce Asthma, $709,576; Hansen, Eric, NIH, Surface Proteins of Moraxella Catarrhalis, $311,599; Hsia, Connie, NIH, Signals for Post-Pneumonectomy Compensatory Lung Growth, $383,316; Idris, Ahamed, NIH, Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium Regional Clinical Center - DFWCRR, $143,100.

Kurian, Benji, Feinstein Inst. for Med. Research/NIH, Recovery After Initial Schizophrenic Episode (RAISE), $131,739; Marrero, Jorge, UT HSC at San Antonio/NIH, San Antonio Center for Biomarkers of Risk for Prostate Cancer (SABOR) - Supplement: Early Detection and Prognosis of Hepatocellular Carcinoma, $558,666; Mendell, Joshua, Johns Hopkins Univ./NIH, Functional Annotation of Pancreatic Cancer Genome, $367,678; Mendelson, Carole, NIH, Mechanisms in the Regulation of SP-A Gene Expression, $421,373;

Michaely, Peter, NIH, Characterization of Role of ARH on LDLR Function, $214,650; Niederkorn, Jerry, NIH, Immunobiology of Corneal Allografts, $397,500; Olson, Eric, NIH, Deciphering Regulatory Circuit for Myocardial Metabolism and Energy Homeostasis, $499,462. Powell, Craig, NIH, Neuroligin Function In Vivo: Implications for Autism and Mental Retardation, $349,718;  Scaglioni, Pier, U.S. Dept. of Defense, Deconstruction of Oncogenic K-RAS Signaling Reveals Focal Adhesion Kinase as Novel Therapeutic Target in NSCLC, $278,250; Stull, James, UT HSC at Houston/NIH, ACTA2, MYH11 and MYLK Mutations Affecting Smooth Muscle Contraction, $386,986; Wright, Woodring, NIH, Manipulating Telomerase Alternative Splicing for Cancer Therapy, $164,963; Wright, Woodring, Boston Biomedical Research Inst./NIH, Biomarkers for Therapy of FSHD, $143,623; Yanagisawa, Hiromi, NIH, Loss of Matrix Regulation and Aortic Aneurysm Development In Vivo, $358,254.

Non-Federal Awards ($50,000 and above)

Abrams, John, Ellison Med. Fndtn., Chromatin Interactions Assembled Through Long-Range p53 Enhancer Activity in Normal and Pathologic Aging, $238,500; Beutler, Bruce, Bill and Melinda Gates Fndtn., Screen for Proteins with Non-Redundant Function in Immuno-Adjuvant, $1,273,124; Cheng, Edaire, NASPGHAN Fndtn., Periostin Induces Fibrogenesis and Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition in EoE, $75,000; Moe, Orson, Genzyme Corp., Epigenetic Regulation of Erythropoietin Receptor in Kidney by Natural Antisense Transcript, $50,000;  Van Buren, Peter, American Heart Assn. Natl. Ctr., Mechanisms of Increased Ambulatory Blood Pressure in Intradialytic Hypertension, $65,000.