35 Years: Wanda Saddler

Honoree Wanda Saddler
Wanda Saddler

Wanda Saddler’s early experiences as an employee at UT Southwestern Medical Center involved a building that’s no longer standing and a staff optometrist she still calls a friend.

Now a clerk in the Accounting Department, Ms. Saddler recalls how Ophthalmology employees were always running out from the now-demolished N Building to feed the parking meters on Southwestern Medical Avenue – an “exercise” regimen that didn’t end until the Department moved into the James W. Aston Ambulatory Care Center in 1983.

In 1986 she got a new boss, Dr. Edward Mendelson, who later became a good friend. The admiration flowed both ways.

“I feel she’s one of the major reasons that I have stayed here so long,” said Dr. Mendelson, a Faculty Associate in Ophthalmology. “She took me under her wing and showed me the ropes of the practice and of the Department. She did just about every job there was to do in the clinic before a patient actually saw the optometrist, and no less important: I found her to be kind and friendly.”

Ms. Saddler’s memory is much the same: “We worked hard in the Department, but we had fun at the same time. Dr. Mendelson was a great boss and friend. I’ll always remember fondly when I worked for him.”

Her main duties now include processing PeopleSoft payments and reimbursements. She strives always “to do the job right.”

PeopleSoft operations keep her busy at work – but she might be even busier when she’s away from campus. Ms. Saddler has four daughters and eight grandchildren, and she’s always in demand.

The friendship of her colleagues has a lot to do with her longevity at UT Southwestern, she said.

“I have enjoyed my co-workers, and many of them are among my best friends,” Ms. Saddler said. “The people here are what make this such a great place to work.”

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