35 Years: Susan Cox

Honoree Susan Cox
Susan Cox

Susan Cox is known for her intense concentration at the bench as a Medical Technologist in Pathology’s core and special coagulation laboratories, where she turns her laser focus on critical hematology tests that measure a patient’s blood-clotting ability.

Her co-workers also know her as someone who loves a good chuckle and appreciates the humor in everyday things.

Of her commitment to her work, she said, “My job is always changing. I am never bored with my work.” She began her UT Southwestern Medical Center career at the old St. Paul Hospital, and she says she is looking forward “to being able to work in the new hospital.”

Among the things that make her smile are her two grandchildren, Madison, 9, and Luke, 5. She enjoys sharing her love of gardening with them. Each year, they plant many seeds, including morning glories that spiral up the legs of the backyard swing set.

This year, they’ve also planted pansies and red tulip bulbs. The tulips are a 32-year tradition, inspired by those that were blooming when she brought the first of her two children – Aaron, 32, and Allison, 25 – home from St. Paul Hospital, where they were delivered “with the help of some great nurses. When I came home from the hospital with Aaron, I had the most gorgeous red tulips blooming. I remember rocking him and looking out at those tulips.”

In addition to gardening, she enjoys sewing, cooking, and watching classic movies. A little-known fact about her: She can make a lamp out of almost anything, including candlesticks and ceramic pottery.

Employee Recognition 2013

Long-term employees play an invaluable role in the life of UT Southwestern Medical Center. Their faithful, dedicated service has helped the institution become what it is today. In this special edition of Center Times, we showcase some of these employees and their varied interests.