35 Years: Marilynn Bordelon

Registered Nurse Marilynn Bordelon
Marilynn Bordelon, R.N.

Even though she has spent her entire life connected to or working at St. Paul University Hospital, Marilynn Bordelon insists that the past 35 years has gone by in the blink of an eye. A Dallas native, she and all three of her siblings were born at the old St. Paul Hospital. And, when she decided as a teenager to become a nurse, her dream job was to serve the patients there.

“As a child, we always came to St. Paul whenever anyone in my family was sick,” Ms. Bordelon said. “I can’t remember ever wanting to work anywhere else.”

Ms. Bordelon, who began her UT Southwestern Medical Center career as a staff nurse in 1977, is now a Clinical Educator in the University Hospitals’ Department of Education. She spends most of her time teaching nursing interns and patient care technicians how to handle their caseloads, as well as acquainting them with hospital policies and procedures. She also leads continuing education classes for UTSW nursing staff.

Her career at UT Southwestern has produced what she calls her “second family,” with each day bringing its own set of rewards. “I love to see inexperienced nurses come in as interns and then finish orientation well-equipped to care for our patients. That’s the best feeling,” she said.

Beach vacations, romance novels, and spending time with family are her favorite ways to escape her daily workload. She hopes that her dedicated medical career has been some of the inspiration behind her family’s career choices – two of her nieces are nurses and one nephew is an EMT.

“I like to think that I had some influence on their choices,” she said. “In some ways, I feel like my career has fulfilled my mother’s dream of becoming a nurse.” 

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