Dr. Jessica Brian Campbell: Hemphill-Gojer Award

By Deborah Wormser

Dr. Jessica Brian Campbell, winner of this year’s Hemphill-Gojer Award, said she enjoys the variety and problem-solving of internal medicine.

Dr. Jessica Brian Campbell
Dr. Jessica Brian Campbell

The award is given annually to the top medical student interested in this specialty. Dr. Brian Campbell said she wanted to find a branch of medicine that would allow her to develop long-term patient relationships.

“When I was rotating through internal medicine, I found that I really enjoyed the variety: seeing a patient with heart disease, then a patient with liver disease, all kinds of different cases,” said the Baton Rouge, La., native, who earned an undergraduate degree in biomedical engineering at Texas A&M University.

She added that her biggest frustration as a UT Southwestern Medical School student was seeing hospital patients with complications that could have been avoided by good primary and preventive care. Her passion for internal medicine deepened during Monday Clinic, which provides free medical care to the underserved through North Dallas Shared Ministries.

“It’s a general medical practice, so the patients have varying problems – from colds or flu to swollen ankles and more serious problems like diabetes and its complications,” she said. “Being able to help these patients was very rewarding.”

Dr. Hari Raja, Professor of Internal Medicine, said Dr. Brian Campbell’s dedication is striking.

“Jessica is a well-rounded individual with exemplary qualifications to be a very successful internist. She has wonderful social skills, an excellent knowledge base, and interacted well with her patients and teams,” said Dr. Raja, one of two faculty members who nominated her for the award. “She also has done extensive community service and extracurricular activities that make her resume truly impressive.”

The Hemphill-Gojer Award was established by Ross H. and Anne Seymour Hemphill in honor of their son and daughter-in-law, Dr. and Mrs. Seymour Hemphill; their daughter and son-in-law, Dr. and Mrs. Bernard Gojer; and Anne Hemphill’s parents, E. Clyde and Florine Allen Seymour. Dr. Hemphill and Dr. Gojer are both UT Southwestern Medical School alumni.

Dr. Brian Campbell said her biomedical engineering background provided a solid basis for medical school.

“It was good preparation for internal medicine, where you’re coming up with differential diagnoses and deciding what tests to run. Engineering teaches you how to think logically,” she explained.

She met her husband, Dr. Matthew Campbell, as a fellow Medical School student. They were married May 17 and will both start residencies this summer at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tenn. – hers in internal medicine and his in pediatrics.

“I’m interested in general internal medicine. I would like to do primary care in an outpatient-based practice and likely will stay in academic medicine,” Dr. Brian Campbell said.