Dr. Nasim Sobhani: Southwestern Gynecologic Assembly Award

By Jan Jarvis

A bout with chicken pox on her sixth birthday landed Dr. Nasim Sobhani in the hospital for a week.

Dr. Nasim Sobhani
Dr. Nasim Sobhani

A few years later, when she turned age 12, appendicitis sent her to the hospital again. 

Throughout her childhood, it seemed she caught every cold or stomach bug that went around.

But instead of scaring her away from white coats and needles, her experiences as a sickly child led to a passion for medicine.

“By the time I was in middle school, I knew what I wanted to do in life,” she said. “I liked my doctors so much that I wanted to be just like them.”

Dr. Sobhani is well on her way to achieving the goals she set for herself early in life. The 2013 recipient of the Southwestern Gynecologic Assembly Award, Dr. Sobhani accepted a residency at the University of Washington Affiliated Hospitals and plans to go into obstetrics and gynecology.

The award, established in 2003, is given to an outstanding UT Southwestern graduate who is pursuing a career in obstetrics/gynecology.

Dr. Sobhani said she thought she would go into neurology, but during her third year of medical school, she discovered the rewards of working in women’s health.

The field is especially appealing because it allows her to combine all the different components of medicine, she said.

“I like surgery, I like preventive health, and I like patient education,” Dr. Sobhani said. “Obstetrics and gynecology has all of that together.”

She also wants to stay in academics and work in a teaching hospital.

“It’s a pay-it-forward kind of thing since I benefited from great teachers and mentors,” she said.

One of those teachers is Dr. David Rogers, Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, who was delighted when Dr. Sobhani chose to specialize in women’s health.

“When Nasim rotated on our gyn service, she seemed naturally suited to women’s health care,” he said. “She was extraordinarily bright and energetic, the kind of student who I hope will choose Ob/Gyn.”

Dr. Sobhani grew up in Plano and describes herself as a “science and math nerd” who liked doing research. She graduated from Princeton University with a degree in psychology before returning to Dallas to attend UT Southwestern.

She said she is honored to receive the award and excited to begin the next phase of her career.

“I’ll finally be the one who is actually responsible for patients,” she said. “It’s the thing I have been working toward my entire life, and now it is finally happening.”