Student Organization Fair 2012

By Johnny Ahn, MS2 (Class of 2015)

While manning the table for MedTalks, I felt the mixture of excitement and anxiety from the incoming class – exactly how I felt during the fair last summer.

I could see how the class above felt when we walked into orientation last year. In comparing the disparity between how I had wished my first year had gone and how it actually went, I thought about what it actually took for me to keep myself in good working condition throughout the year.

If I had to choose one thing I did right last year, it would have to be attitude correction. I admit that I had a pessimistic or dismissive attitude at many points throughout last year and how much life seemed unbearable in my mind. 

These are my ideas for the incoming class (or premeds):

1. Ask yourself why you do anything? What you do here matters and will be important in the future. It can be easy to overlook the impact of biochemistry or anatomy because it feels so much like college, but just believe in the process and that it will make you a better physician. This applies to keeping yourself physically fit and emotionally all there - it just makes you better.

2. Appreciate the people around you. A ton of resources – time, money, and energy – went into getting you here and making sure that you have a good experience. Everyone is on your side, rooting for you to become the physician you envision yourself becoming. Your friends, family, and teachers want you to win at being a doctor.

3. It is easy to fall into this trap of negative thinking, but to win the game (there's no game, this is just a saying) it can be critical to have a system to dig yourself out. The method is different for everyone, but this idea of saving/healing oneself was personally significant.

Welcome, Class of 2016!