Welcome to Medical School

Hi, everyone!  Welcome to the new UTSW website and, especially, to the MedTalks journal! I just finished my first year of medical school, and I must say, it flew by way too fast! Here at UT Southwestern, I have the unique privilege of learning hands-on clinical skills from some of the best physicians in the world and the most up-to-date medical science from some of the best researchers in the world! There were far too many highlights from my first year to list here, so suffice it to say, that’s what I’ll be using MedTalks for! 

My fellow classmates and I will be using this platform to share all kinds of information about the “medical school experience” while trying to become better teachers and ”explainers” at the same time—that will eventually be a part of our job! I look forward to sharing the creativity and ingenuity of my infinitely talented peers, from concise written entries about epiphanies we have while learning in class to video-blog posts showing how we learn to use a stethoscope or our first day “rotating” in the hospital. We are hoping to capture and channel some of the fascinating experiences and personal ‘Aha!’ moments we have on the road to becoming physicians, and we hope you’ll keep coming back for more!