Service Organizations

Agape Clinic Global Health

Agape Clinic Global Health is a student-run night clinic at Agape Clinic in east Dallas sponsored by the Office of Global Health. The Agape Clinic is a charity clinic that has been established for almost 40 years and has opened their facilities for UT Southwestern students and faculty to use during specified afternoon and evening hours. Bimonthly on weekday nights, we serve both primary care and specialist needs, which include endocrinology, infectious diseases, and pediatrics. Monthly, we run a Saturday well-woman clinic that specifically assists women with services including clinical breast exams, pelvic exams, and domestic violence screening.

Bianca Sigel
Bethany Werner

Adolescent Health Advocates (AHA)

Founded in spring 2015 to provide an environment for Camp Jubilee graduates to continue their leadership training and development, to foster a community of advocates for sickle cell disease, and to engage medical students in adolescent health.

Alice Jean
Luna Vorster

Brown Bag Initiative

The Brown Bag Initiative was created with the purpose of preparing and distributing brown bags full of needed items and literature about local resources to the Dallas homeless population. We partner with social workers at the Dallas Police Department Crisis Intervention Unit to better serve the homeless population’s immediate needs as they begin the process of rehabilitation and assimilation into larger society.

Taylor Dess
Van Dang

Collaboration of Student Run Free Clinics (CUTSSRFC)

Founded in fall 2015, the mission of CUTSSRFC is to collaborate among the different student run clinics at UT Southwestern to improve the efficiency and quality of care provided by these clinics.

Sonam Diwali
Mark Baker

DFW Hep B Free Project

In its fifth year of existence and provision of services to Asian Americans, the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) Hepatitis B Free Project aims to increase hepatitis B virus (HBV) awareness and knowledge and to reduce perinatal transmission and the prevalence of undiagnosed chronic HBV infection, susceptibility, and stigmata associated with hepatitis B diagnosis among Asian/Pacific Islander (API) adults in the DFW metroplex through education, free screenings, rigorous follow-up, and provision of treatment resources in multiple counties.

Alexander Liu
Elizabeth Harris

Families in Training for Health (FIT)

FIT for Health is a student-run childhood obesity intervention program that guides at-risk families selected by the Irving ISD through lessons in nutrition and physical activity for eight weeks at the Irving YMCA. Students work closely with the recruited families as they learn about healthy behaviors and make needed lifestyle changes. The program runs in the fall, spring, and summer. Opportunities for involvement include teaching children, teaching parents, and a variety of committee positions. Contact or the student contacts for more information.

Michael Zhou
Meera Iyengar

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HANDS – Helping Augment Neonatal Development

Founded in summer 2015, the goal of HANDs is to offer our time and attention to babies in the NICU so that they can receive human touch and interaction to foster their growth and development, as well as to expose students to the NICU to help increase interest in the field of neonatology. 

Kelsey Kirkman
John Wang

Immunization Initiative (II)

Immunization Initiative (II) is dedicated to promoting immunization and providing immunization services to the underserved through partnership with North Dallas Shared Ministries (NDSM).

Clara Telford
Sherin John

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Medical Professions Career Day Organization

Our organization seeks to reach out to young kids at the elementary and middle school level and expose them to careers in science and medicine. We believe that starting with kids at this age, we will be able to inspire them to reach or their dreams and develop the work ethic and motivation they will need to not only strive to go to college but push even further to pursue graduate level training in medicine and health science, in spite of whatever obstacles they may come across.

Luis Juarez
Frank Olumba

Monday Clinic

The mission of The Monday Clinic is to provide high-quality free medical care to the underserved population of North Dallas regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, or ability to pay; to provide an interactive learning environment for medical students, thereby allowing them to develop clinical, organizational, and leadership skills; to instill in students a lifelong commitment of service to the community and others in need; and to introduce medical students to the needs of the uninsured.

Christian Leal
Rakibul Akter

No One Dies Alone (NODA)

The No One Dies Alone program was founded in 2001 by Sandra Clarke, an ICU nurse at Sacred Heart Medical Center in Eugene, Oregon. In 2011, Evan Ross, John Matt Hancock, and Mark Yurewicz started the UT Southwestern chapter of NODA in one wing of the hospital. Under their direction and with the help of medical student volunteers, it has since expanded to serve all of Parkland. The goal of the No One Dies Alone Program is just that – to provide a human presence in hospital rooms for patients with no friends or relatives to share their final moments. For a typical vigil, nursing staff identifies a patient who is expected to die imminently and is not accompanied by family or friends. The nurse will obtain consent from the patient if possible, or will make the decision as the patient's advocate. Unit staff will page the on-call NODA coordinator who will activate the NODA system and alert NODA volunteers. 

NODA has operated as a branch of the Palliative Care Interest Group in the past, but is now a separate and independently run student organization. For more information about us and the process of sitting a vigil as a volunteer, please visit our information page on the PCIG website.

Shayna Ratner
Michelle Leslie

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The Patient's Library

Founded in 2012, The Patient's Library seeks to provide books, magazines, art materials, and audiobooks to patients at Parkland Memorial Hospital. The goals of this project are to prevent loneliness and boredom in chronically hospitalized patients, promote literacy, and encourage quality interaction between patients and students/hospital staff. The project is still in its infancy, so right now the focus is on fundraising, book drives, and promotion.

Chris Leba

Refuge Guatemala

Founded in summer 2012, Refuge Guatemala is a student organization dedicated to providing healthcare to the population of rural Guatemala that would otherwise find it inaccessible or unaffordable. The organization will send a team of students and faculty on a spring break trip to work in a small, understaffed Guatemalan hospital. The team will work along with hospital staff to perform surgeries and provide care in a clinical setting to the local indigent population. Participating students will receive invaluable medical experience, exposure to the local Hispanic and Mayan cultures, and hopefully have their eyes opened to the joys of international medical service.

Jamael Thomas
Jordan Hoese


REMEDY at UT Southwestern was founded by the Alpha Omega Alpha members of the class of 2010. The organization is dedicated to actively promoting the recovery of unused medical supplies for the purpose of global aid, waste reduction, and cost effectiveness.

Elizabeth Harris

Schweitzer Fellows

Schweitzer Fellows of UTSW allows UTSW students to work with current Schweitzer Fellows on original projects that address health and wellbeing disparities in the DFW community. Students interested in continuing an expanding an existing Schweitzer Fellow’s project or launching their own project may apply for the DFW Albert Schweitzer Fellowship. The Schweitzer Fellowship is dedicated to preparing the next generation of professionals who will serve and empower vulnerable people to live healthier lives and create healthier communities.

Tochi Ajiwe
Hillary Evans

Sierra Leone Education Enrichment Program (SLEEP)

Sierra Leone Educational Enrichment Project (SLEEP) is a 501(c)3 committed to providing educational materials to impoverished students in Sierra Leone. We primarily run book-drives and ship books to Sierra Leonean schools, ranging from primary schools to college institutions. SLEEP is a student-led and student-run organization that has been running book-drives and shipping books since 2007. SLEEP chapters have operated at the University of Texas Southwestern, Duke University, Harvard University, the University of Southern California, and in coordination with Los Angeles Unified School District.  SLEEP @ UTSW is committed to providing educational material especially medical texts to the College of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences in Sierra Leone. We are looking for your help in gathering textbooks, and other relevant medical and science materials that might otherwise be thrown away or resold.  Be a part of our collection programs here on campus.

Assiatu Bah

STD Lectures

The Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) Lectures Organization, a function of the Texas Medical Association, is a group composed of medical students, health professionals, and graduate students committed to providing educational presentations on STDs in Dallas-area middle and high schools. Our goal is to supply students with the information they need to protect themselves in order to prevent the spread of STDs in Dallas schools and communities. 

Shivani Gaitonde
Kinjal Mehta

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Ti Pa Ti Pa – Haiti Service Trip

Ti Pa Ti Pa (Step by step) is a student organization dedicated to improving the healthcare of the Haitian communities in and around Thomonde, Haiti. We send students during the week of spring break on a mission trip with our host organization Project Medishare to rural Thomonde.   Students work in mobile and local clinics examining and presenting patients to supervising physicians. The students will be fortifying their skills of history taking, SOAP note style presentations, and performing full physicals. They will also get a chance to experience the ways of a culture different from ours and be exposed to medical conditions that one might never have the opportunity of encountering in the US. In addition, during the year, the organization will be fundraising. The latter includes the famous annual date auction, as well as Haitian art and coffee sales.

Alice Jean
Kristi Murphy

UGM Clinics – Calvert Place and The Center of Hope

Started as a student organization in the fall 2013 to provide services for the mission of the Union Gospel Mission (UGM) clinics. These clinics serve the homeless by treating them at the three free weekly medical clinics located at Calvert Place (a men’s shelter) or at the Center of Hope (a women’s and children’s shelter). Medical Students, residents, PA students, and other volunteers come together to accomplish this goal.

Stephanie Barata
Kelsey Kirkman

United to Serve

United to Serve

Each year, UT Southwestern holds a health fair benefiting students and their families in the surrounding community. This United to Serve event, which has been held at T.J. Rusk Middle School, is geared toward bringing awareness of important medical health issues to the community. Activities include medical health screenings, presentations, and demonstrations about important health issues, fun activities for the kids, and more. The event is conducted as part of the UT System's United to Serve campaign, in which all UT System schools participate in a single day of service.

Romero Santiago
Audrey Stevens

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