Recreational Organizations

Badminton Club

This club is a student organization dedicated to promoting the sport of badminton, developing members' skills, and providing a competitive and fun playing environment. We welcome students, faculty, and staff players of all skill levels. The goal of the club is to bring together all badminton players at UT Southwestern Medical Center by offering a healthy environment for competitive badminton and to clear the misconception of badminton as a typical "American backyard game." Our club meets 4–8 p.m. Saturdays at the Student Center.

Miao Wang

Bike Club

The club organizes bicycle rides around Dallas for students, staff, and faculty members who are interested in biking. All types of riders are welcome. Members will be encouraged to participate in local rides (e.g. Tour de Dallas). The club promotes biking as a means to exercise, stay active, and even as a mode of transportation.

Ying Li
Ryan Golden

Climbing Club

Our mission is to open the world of climbing, through competitive or recreational fun, to all UT Southwestern students. We aim to develop a stronger community, where there are experienced climbers who can teach novices, as well as promote fitness. Students will learn how to develop climbing techniques, overcome their fear of heights, and meet others who have a love for climbing.

Diana Pham
Thomas Morley

Dartos Soccer Club

Dartos is the UT Southwestern men’s soccer team. In the fall and spring, we play in the 3rd division of the North Texas Premier Soccer Association. Commitment is limited to weekly games on Sunday mornings and afternoons. In the off season we play indoor (sometimes). The team comprises fun-loving and competitive students. Tryouts are hosted in the first week of classes.

Colin Danko

Running Club

Established to create a social organization for UT Southwestern students with a shared interest in running. The Running Club serves to coordinate group runs, training programs, and social activities for UT Southwestern runners.

Tina Jeon
Sophie Peeters


Taekwondo, which can be translated to the “way of foot and fist,” is widely considered to be the most popular martial art in the world, spanning more than 100 countries and 30 million practitioners. At UT Southwestern, classes are held every week in the Bryan Williams, M.D. Student Center’s multipurpose room, and beginners are more than encouraged to join! No prior martial arts experience needed. Not only will you get a good workout, but also it’s a great way to meet new people! Safety will always take priority, and you are always welcome to just come and watch.

Karl Kmiecik
Jason Pai

Ultimate Frisbee™ Organization (UFO)

Established in 2011 to promote the development/awareness of Ultimate Frisbee™ as a sport. We also encourage fair game and good sportsmanship and engage in the spirit of fun to win!

Jeffrey Chen
Joel Sun

Wilderness Medicine Society

WMS’s purpose is to expose people to the wilderness, discuss medicine in low-resource and wilderness contexts, and provide an opportunity for students and faculty to interact outside the school environment.  We are devoted to camping , hiking, and all things outdoors.  We are open to all members of the UT Southwestern community regardless of academic program or career plans.

Anjaili Nambiar
Tommy Das