Student Health Services

Fall is here and flu season is right around the corner! Protect yourself, your family, your colleagues, and our patients by getting your flu shot at one of the UT Southwestern student flu shot kiosks in October.

Those are good reasons to get a flu shot. Here is another one:
Faculty, staff, house staff and students working or training in the University Hospitals or Clinics are required by policy HSO-203 to receive a flu shot.

Failure to comply with this requirement – including providing necessary documentation to verify vaccination by a provider outside UT Southwestern – or failure to obtain an approved exemption, will result in being barred from clinical areas.

All vaccinated faculty, staff, house staff and students will receive a blue 2016-17 campus-wide flu sticker for their ID Badges as proof of vaccination.

Flu shots will be offered to all UT Southwestern students at no cost and will be filed with their insurance carrier.

Deadline for flu vaccinations is November 11, 2016.

You must do one of these four options:

  1. Get vaccinated by going to one of the UTSW student flu shot kiosks. Check the Flu Shot Schedule for locations and dates. You will receive a flu vaccination sticker for your badge.
  2. Get vaccinated by calling the Student Health Clinic at 214-645-8690 and scheduling a nurse visit. You will receive flu vaccination sticker for your ID badge.
  3. Get vaccinated elsewhere.
    • If your vaccination was obtained elsewhere besides the UTSW student flu shot kiosks or Student Health Clinic, you will need to provide documentation.
    • Bring the proof to the Student Health clinic (Aston building 8th floor) or email proof to Student Health. You will be provided a flu sticker for your ID badge.
  4. Request an exemption for the flu shot. Exemptions are allowed for certain medical and religious reasons. Please contact Sherry Clark at 214-645-5302 for information on this process.
    • If you are rotating at Children’s or Parkland sometime over the next year, you must request an exemption at each facility and go through their exemption process prior to November 11, 2016.
    • Unvaccinated students will be required to wear a protective mask while accessing direct patient care areas during peak flu season. The requirement will remain in place until removed at the determination of the Medical Director of Infection Prevention.