The faculty of the UT Southwestern Master of Clinical Nutrition – Registered Dietitian/Licensed Health Professional Track are actively involved in research, including investigations in human nutrition and strategies for enhancing nutrition education.

Scott M. Grundy, Ph.D., directs the research of the Center for Human Nutrition, a comprehensive research and education initiative. Dr. Grundy, Professor and Chair of the Department of Clinical Nutrition, contributed to the United States Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005 and the creation of recommended daily allowances (RDAs) for Americans.

Jo Ann Carson, Ph.D., R.D., Professor and Director of the Master of Clinical Nutrition programs, directs the Department’s research in nutrition education. This effort, supported by the Nutrition Academic Award and grants from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, is focused on developing new ways to promote nutrition education in America's academic medical centers.

As a student, you’ll learn the fundamentals of the evidence-based health care research, including critical literature evaluation, research theory, measurement, design, statistical analysis, and interpretation. To meet your degree requirements, you’ll also conduct original research with the guidance of an expert faculty mentor.

Research options include a clinical study, usually in conjunction with a larger, on-going project, an evidence-based review of literature that results in recommendations for clinical practice, or a clinical outcomes study.

You can choose to undertake your research individually or as part of a small team of students. We encourage you to be creative and seek innovative solutions to clinical problems.