Project Submissions

Cancer Center members propose screening projects to the HTS Core to be evaluated by the Cancer Center HTS Oversight Committee for feasibility and relevance to cancer. The Oversight Committee decides which projects receive Cancer Center support and provides advice on the design of the primary assay as well as for secondary assays. Approval from the Oversight Committee allows funding for assay development and validation.

Once the Committee receives data from the HTS Core Laboratory demonstrating good screening statistics, the project will be approved for support for HTS from the Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Project Approval Application

Projects proposed for funding through the Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center must provide the following information:

  • Abstract describing the aims of the experiment and the assay to be used
  • One page background describing relevance of the target of the experiment to cancer
  • Description of the assay to be used
  • Estimate of reagent costs
  • Name of scientist dedicated to the experiment
  • Description of secondary assays for prioritizing the compounds

Send this information as a Word document or PDF by email to for distribution to the Oversight Committee.

Oversight Committee Members

Steven McKnight, Ph.D., Professor and Chairman of Biochemistry

John Minna, M.D., Professor of Internal Medicine and Director, Hamon Center for Therapeutic Oncology Research

Lawrence Lum, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Cell Biology

Michael Roth, Ph.D., Professor and Vice Chairman of Biochemistry

Michael White, Ph.D., Professor of Cell Biology

Experiments are judged by the committee for:

  • Relevance to cancer
  • Importance and scientific interest of the project goals
  • Probability that proposed assays can identify compounds or genes of interest