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Hak Choy, MD
Hak Choy, M.D.

The mission of this department is three-fold: to deliver world-class care on a daily basis to our patients using the most advanced technologies available; to conduct groundbreaking basic, translational and clinical research; and to provide quality education to the next generation of medical practitioners and scientists.

Recent News

Live web cam of new East Campus Radiation Oncology Center

Watch live! New Radiation Oncology center under construction

A live web cam has been added to the construction site of UT Southwestern's new $66 million Radiation Oncology treatment facility. Follow the link to view our progress. Watch Live

New faculty members and promotions in Radiation Oncology

Andrei Pugachev, Ph.D., is a new Assistant Professor in our Physics Division, while Heeyoun Bunch, Ph.D., joins the Molecular Radiation Biology Division as an Instructor.

New laboratory opens under Davis

Assistant Professor Tony Davis, Ph.D., has been made an independent in­vestigator in the department’s Division of Molecular Radiation Biology.

Physician joins head and neck cancer team

Nhat-Long Pham, M.D., Ph.D., has joined UT Southwestern Radiation Oncology as Assistant Professor and member of the team treating head and neck cancer.

Designs on ultrasound-guided radiotherapy

Ultrasound imaging provides marker-free, soft-tissue visualization, without exposing the patient to any extra radiation dose. As such, several research groups are investigating the use of ultrasound guidance for localizing soft-tissue structures and tumors during radiotherapy. Research in UT Southwestern's Division of Medical Physics and Engineering is highlighted online today in an article on medicalphysicsweb.

Radiation Oncology well-represented at ASTRO

With 16 abstracts, seven presentations, and one press briefing, the faculty of UT Southwestern Radiation Oncology will be well-represented at the 50th annual conference of the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO).

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