First Episode Psychosis Program 

The First Episode Psychosis Program (FEPP) in Dallas is a collaborative research effort between UT Southwestern Medical Center and Metrocare Services. UT Southwestern developed the program to support the needs of the community and to provide a platform to learn how to better evaluate and treat patients with these problems.

The FEPP provides research opportunities to people in early stages of schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, and mood disorders associated with psychotic symptoms. Our research aims to improve our understanding of these illnesses and improve treatment outcomes. 

The goals of the First Episode Psychosis Program are to:

  • Understand brain abnormalities in early stages of psychosis
  • Learn more about how different disorders that lead to psychosis initially present and who is most likely to benefit from medication treatment
  • Identify changes in brain functioning that occur during treatment and recovery

Eligibility Requirements

Persons ages 15–55 who are experiencing psychotic symptoms for the first time and who are interested in participating in our research study, which includes expert clinical evaluation and treatment. Potential participants must have had no or only limited prior treatment with antipsychotic medication.