Why I Chose the UT Southwestern Psychiatry Residency Program

Cameron Culver, M.D., M.P.H., Chief Resident
I visited a number of excellent residencies during interview season, and UTSW stuck out in my mind as a fantastic place at which to train. Meet Dr. Culver
Ran Friedman, M.D.
UT Southwestern is an excellent academic medical center with educators who are leaders in their prospective field and are extremely approachable and welcoming. Meet Dr. Friedman
Tina Kaviani, M.D., Chief Resident
My search for the best residency program included programs close to and far from home. Meet Dr. Kaviani
Jessica Moore, M.D.

While UT Southwestern is internationally renowned for achievements in research and academics, I choose this Residency Program because of the emphasis on community psychiatry. Meet Dr. Moore
Natalie Ramirez, M.D.

For me, the best things to look at were: research opportunities, curriculum, and how well residents match into fellowships that they want to go to. In all of these regards, UTSW does very well. Meet Dr. Ramirez
Matan White, M.D., PRO President
Prior to entering residency, I really wasn’t sure which parts of psychiatry interested me most, so I wanted a broad experience. UT Southwestern is a great place for that. Meet Dr. White
Jihan Woods, M.D.
I have broad interests in psychiatry including community health,  child/adolescent psychiatry, and emergency psychiatry.  Whatever route I decide to take, I know that UTSW will provide the support I need to do so. Meet Dr. Woods