Research Practicum

The research practicum begins in PGY2 and involves mentoring from three primary sources:

  • The Research Track (RT) Resident Advisor (the lead fourth-year RT resident) meets with the Research Track resident quarterly to begin clarifying individual research career goals and to discuss Department faculty who might be candidates for mentoring in the applicants area of interest.
  • One of five faculty career development mentors representing basic, psychosocial, clinical, translational, and child research fields meets yearly with the Research Track resident, initially to verify that a fostering relationship is established with a primary faculty mentor, and in later years to provide oversight to ensure that the RT resident is achieving their goals.
  • Primary faculty mentors are chiefly responsible for guiding the residents in their development as researchers. During the fall and winter of PGY–2, they guide the Research Track resident through the formal application process of the Research Track. In PGY3 and PGY4, they mentor the Research Track resident through implementation, conduct, analysis, and reporting of their research project as well as broader aspects of research career development.

Research Track residents receive substantial guidance as they progress through the Psychiatry Residency Program. Psychiatry faculty members help create a viable plan that balances clinical training and research interests. Input from experienced researchers will assure that the chosen research project is both scientifically rigorous and feasible for the resident to complete as outlined. 

In PGY3 and PGY4, Research Track residents conduct their proposed research project(s) under the close guidance of their primary faculty mentor and annual meetings with their faculty career development mentor. In each of these two years, RT residents present a poster of their ongoing or completed work at the Department's annual 'Research Day.' Before completing the Residency Program, the Research Track resident is expected to submit for publication at least one first-authored manuscript. Research Track residents are also encouraged to apply for research grants and postdoctoral fellowships.