Research Track Didactic Curriculum

Core Curriculum

During their second post-graduate year, Research Track residents attend weekly sessions. The curriculum includes topics such as research design, biostatistics, grant writing, and critical evaluation of research literature. 

The core didactic curriculum for the Psychiatry Residency Program also includes discussions about issues pertinent to the personal success of residents, such as achieving financial stability through loan repayment programs and techniques for balancing work and life responsibilities.

Research Track residents have the chance to interact with prominent investigators in the field of psychiatry and to learn about their research career experience and ongoing work. Advanced Research Track residents gain valuable experience by presenting the findings of their own work and the future directions of their research.

Research Track Seminars

Research Track residents are required to attend one of three seminar series during portions of PGY–2 and PGY3, and all of PGY4. These may include works-in-progress meetings of Psychiatry's basic or clinical research groups, or the University’s Neuroscience seminars. These are interactive seminars in which junior faculty researchers present their ongoing work and receive feedback from senior faculty. The sessions are ideal for helping young investigators, including Research Track residents, learn rigorous research approaches in a lively, interactive format.