Residency PGY-4 Overview

Schedule and Locations

The fourth year is where you will consolidate your skills, pursue your specific interests and passions, and begin to develop specific expertise.

Consultant-Liaison Psychiatry

Duration: 2 months
Location: Parkland Memorial Hospital


Duration: 10 months
Location: Depends on electives chosen

What You Will Learn

You will attend a continuous case conference and a selective series of advanced psychiatry seminars, which is revised each year in consultation with the residents. Having covered all of the requirements, the coordinator will provide you with a list of "areas of faculty expertise that you didn't know about," and your class will together design your own syllabus. In addition, you will attend a series of seminars on career direction, job searching and negotiating, leadership and management, prepare for various career paths, review neurology, and receive an overview of general psychiatry for boards preparation.

Balance and Diversity

Two months of consultation-liaison psychiatry is required in the fourth year. On the Consult-Liaison Service, you will learn to integrate your knowledge of biopsychosocial medicine by consulting and collaborating with your non-psychiatric physician colleagues in a general hospital.

The remainder of the year involves a broad range of clinical, administrative, teaching, and research electives, including the formal Resident Research Track. Among the more popular electives are:

  • Forensic psychiatry
  • ACT team
  • Chemical addictions
  • ECT
  • Day Treatment Center
  • Geriatric psychiatry
  • Preparation for private practice
  • Research opportunities
  • Eating Disorders Unit


Psychotherapy cases and supervision continue throughout your fourth year. You will have opportunities to pursue further training in more specialized forms of psychotherapy such as CBT, IPT, family therapy, and DBT. You may also elect to begin formal psychoanalytic training at the Dallas Psychoanalytic Center.