Resident Achievements 2014–2015

Professional Development

Aparna Atluru received both the Group for Advancement of Psychiatry Fellowship, and the American Psychiatric Association’s Psychiatric Leadership Fellowship. 

Neha Chaudhary received the American Psychiatric Association’s Public Psychiatry Fellowship. 

Adriane dela Cruz was selected as a participant in the Research Colloquium for Junior Investigators at the American Psychiatric Association. 

Jessica Moore received the American Psychiatric Association’s SAMHSA/Minority Mental Health Fellowship.

Uzma Nakodary received the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Travel Award to attend their annual meeting.      

Josh Hubregsen received the Association for Academic Psychiatry Resident Fellowship Award. 

Rosemary Wright, Lindsay Chapman, Josh Hubregsen, and Bobby Lee all received scholarships to attend the American Group Psychotherapy Association meeting.

Rosemary Wright received a scholarship from the Beck Institute to attend their workshop on Schizophrenia.


Cameron Culver presented "Impact of Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizure (PNES) Diagnosis on Acute Care Utilization: Role for Psychiatric Consultation and Referral" at the meetings of the American Epilepsy Society.  

Sarah Baker was first author on a paper published in the Mental Health Symposium edition of Texas Medicine, titled "Inadvertent stigmatization of mentally ill patients in primary care clinics." 

Suselina Acosta moderated a program Reaching People with Serious Mental Illnesses: Individual, Group and System Opportunities, at Institute for Psychiatric services. At the same meeting Anne Johnson chaired a lecture session at Psychiatric Services Doing the Community Waltz. 

Adriane dela Cruz was first author on Opioid addiction screening tools for patients with chronic noncancer pain,” published in Texas Medicine, “Diagnosis and treatment of prescription opioid use disorder in patients with chronic noncancer pain” published in the American Journal of Psychiatry Residents’ Journal, and “Self-rated measure of pain frequency, intensity, and burden (P-FIBS): psychometric properties of a new instrument for the assessment of pain,” published in the Journal of Psychiatric Research.

Lorena Reyna was first author on a paper in the American Journal of Psychiatry Residents' Journal, “Early Preventive Interventions for Child and Adolescent Depression.” 

Jennifer Harris wrote "Predicting Response to Trauma: Prevention of PTSD" for the American Journal of Psychiatry Residents' Journal.

Tina Kaviani was a presenter at a workshop, “A New Method of Assessing Psychotherapy Training,” at the annual meeting of the American Association of Directors of Psychiatry Residency Training. 

Anne Johnson contributed a chapter titled, “Teaching Literature and Professionalism: Course Design, Texts and Didactic Approaches Used at UT Southwestern,” for inclusion in a forthcoming text, Engaging Hearts and Minds: The Use of Literature to Teach Professionalism.

Aparna Atluru published “Mental Health Capitol Day: Advocacy in Resident Education” in Texas Medicine, “Revisiting Decision Making Capacity” in the American Journal of Psychiatry Residents Journal, and “A Complicated Union: The Value and Veracity of Psychiatric Themes in Modern Filmin the Resident Voices Section in Current Psychiatry. She will also be guest editor for a special issue of the American Journal of Psychiatry Residents Journal on “Race and Psychiatry” in 2015. 

Rebecca Wehrly was first author on a chapter, “The Psychiatrist as Community Member,” in the forthcoming Oxford Handbook of Psychiatric Ethics.


Sarah Baker has been volunteering at the Monday Clinic and hosted a booth at a depression awareness event at Mountain View Community College.

Jessica Moore was invited be to be a member of the Academic Advisory Council of the Altshuler Center for Education and Research. She also served as a panelist for a program at the DeSoto Independent School District for Mental Health Week, and was co-founder of the Dallas African-American Female Psychiatrists.

Josh Hubregsen was re-elected as the recording secretary for the Spiritual Assembly Baha'is of Dallas and appointed as the Chair of the Baha’is of Dallas Area Teaching Committee.

Jennifer Giampaolo served as resident member and Chair of Government & Legislative Affairs for the Executive Council of North Texas Society of Psychiatric Physicians (NTSPP). She will also serve as co-president of Dallas Area Women Psychiatrists (DAWP) for 2015-2016.  She gave talks on Perinatal Mood Disorders to the DBSA (Depression & Bipolar Support Alliance) and MOPS (Mothers of PreSchoolers, and DAWP (Dallas Area Women Psychiatrists).

Celeste Valencia led a highly successful screening program under Dr. Carol North’s guidance for students at Paul Quinn College. The following residents all volunteered their time: Jessica Moore, Writtika Roy, Natalie Ramirez, Monica Gonzalez, Sabrina Browne, Rachel Wright, Olubunmi (Bunmi) Obiri, Sruthi Chunduri, Rebecca Wehrly, Suselina Acosta, Aparna Atluru, and Victoria Pan.

Anne Johnson created a new elective at Centro De Mi Salud, “Psychotherapy with Spanish Speaking Clients.”

Aparna Atluru is currently building a new elective “Organizational Psychiatry and Psychology” with the UTSW HR department. 

Suselina Acosta is currently building a new elective “Psychotherapy with Female Inmates” at the Dallas County Jail.

Jennifer Giampaolo and Aparna Atluru both served as resident representatives and advocates at Mental Health Day at the State Capitol.

Cameron Culver co-created, with Dr. Laura Howe-Martin, the Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizure Clinic at the Parkland Memorial Hospital Outpatient Clinic.

The Arts

Writtika Roy has been performing Bengali dances at UTD and DFW's Bengali festivals and will be performing in July at the North American Bengali Conference.

Jennifer Harris received honorable mention for her painting "Flowering/Aneurysm" which was exhibited at the UTSW library "On My Own Time" art show. 

Jennifer Giampaolo volunteered at the Chamberlain Performing Arts Ballet School & Company: with behind the scenes production and is in discussion to give talks about eating disorders and identification of depression and anxiety with the older ballet company members later this summer.