Fellowship Research

The Pediatric Emergency Medicine Division serves a diverse population with broad pediatric pathology and high acuity, providing an ideal environment for clinical research. Because of a rich clinical service and research interest, the division has been routinely selected to participate in multicenter, national, and international level studies. Our research team has a proven track record of success by becoming one of the top enrolling sites for multiple studies. 

Research is a critical component of your fellowship. In order to graduate and participate in PEM Board Examinations, a fellow must complete a research orientated project that meets ACGME and/or ABP requirements for scholarly activity. In addition, each fellow is expected to participate in all prospective division projects. 

Scholarly Activity Requirements

Each fellow must design and conduct a scholarly project in his or her subspecialty area with the guidance of the fellowship director and a designated mentor. The scholarly experience must begin in the first year and continue for the entire period of training. Time must be adequate to allow for the development of requisite skills, project completion, and presentation of results. Adapted from: ACGME.org

All fellows will be expected to engage in projects in which they develop hypotheses or in projects of substantive scholarly exploration and analysis that require critical thinking. Areas in which scholarly activity may be pursued include, but are not limited to: basic, clinical, or translational biomedicine, health services, quality improvement, bioethics, education, and public policy. Fellows must gather and analyze data, derive and defend conclusions, place conclusions in the context of what is known or not known about a specific area of inquiry, and present their work in oral and written form. (ABP.org)