Pediatric Emergency Medicine Faculty

The Division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine has 21 faculty and nine fellows. We are currently recruiting for additional faculty to assist with building new programs in bedside ultrasound and injury prevention. Visit our UT Southwestern Careers page to see available positions.

Halim Hennes, M.D., M.S., FAAP
Professor of Pediatrics and Emergency Medicine
Chief, Division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Mohamed K. Badawy, M.D., FAAP
Associate Professor
     Interests: Pediatric head trauma, asthma, and injury prevention

Michael D. Baldovsky, D.O.
Assistant Professor
     Interests: Pediatric emergency medicine, process improvement, the cost of health care, medical student education

B. Beatrix Bansal, M.D.
Assistant Professor 

Kevin Barnes, M.D.
     Interests: Pediatric emergency medicine, medical student education

Sara Beers, M.D.
Assistant Professor
     Interests: Pediatric emergency care, status asthmaticus and child maltreatment syndrome 

Gordon Bruce, M.D., Ph.D.
Associate Professor
     Interests: Pediatric emergency medicine

Michael Cooper, M.D.
Assistant Professor 

Nicole Corrigan-Garrett, M.D.
Assistant Professor
     Interests: Pediatric emergency medicine

Jennifer Deramo, M.D.

Candace Engelhardt, M.D.

Sing-Yi Feng, M.D.
Associate Professor
     Interests: Pediatric toxicology, snakebites, adverse drug reactions, sedation, and drug abuse

Nakia Gaines, M.D.
Assistant Professor
     Interests: Injury prevention and car seat safety 

Collin Goto, M.D.
Associate Professor 
     Interests: Pediatric toxicology and pediatric pharmacology

Craig J. Huang, M.D., FACEP, FAAP
Associate Professor
Associate Director, Transport Services
Associate Director, Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship Program
     Interests: Apparent life-threatening events, the use of technology in pediatric emergency care, trauma and burns, medical informatics, transport medicine, and prehospital care

Shashidhar Marneni, M.D.
Assistant Professor

Vicki Moore, D.O.

Rustin Morse, M.D.
Associate Professor, Chief Quality Officer, Children's Health℠
     Interests: Health services research, patient safety, quality improvement, quality measurement

Jo-Ann Nesiama, M.D., M.S., FAAP
Assistant Professor
     Interests: Pediatric head trauma and pre-hospital assessment of pediatric trauma

Pamela Joy Okada, M.D., FACEP, FAAP
Division Research Director
     Interests: Traumatic brain injury, pediatric trauma outcomes, and neurologic emergencies

Rushi Parikh, D.O.
Faculty Associate 

Kalpesh Patel, M.D., FABHP
Assistant Professor
     Interests: Procedural sedation, clinical applications for emerging medical technology, and medical informatics

Nishit Patel, M.D.
Assistant Professor 

David Rodriguez, M.D.
Assistant Professor
     Interests: Pediatric emergency medicine, asthma, bedside ultrasound 

Susan M. Scott, M.D., FAAP
Associate Professor
     Interests: Injury prevention, trauma, and pediatric critical care

Megan Street, M.D.
Assistant Professor
     Interests: Obesity and procedural sedation, disaster preparedness, transport and pre-hospital care

Jessica Sharry Williams, M.D.
Assistant Professor
     Interests: Pediatric emergency care, post traumatic stress disorder, child abuse, and injury prevention

Kenneth Yen, M.D.
Associate Professor
Director, Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship Program
     Interests: Clinical decision rules; peripheral vascular access; adapting new and existing technology for use in the Emergency Department; EMS and pre-hospital care; disaster medicine; trauma