Cardiology Fellowship Program

Under the direction of Lynn Mahony, M.D., the Division of Pediatric Cardiology’s fellowship program provides fellows the training, tools, and philosophy necessary for advancing the field of pediatric cardiology within their areas of choice. Our fellows rotate through all subspecialty areas of cardiology. They also spend one year participating in prospective clinical, translational, or basic science research. 

We recruit two new fellows each year in our three-year Pediatric Cardiology Fellowship Program. Many fellows choose to complete a fourth year to pursue a specialized clinical interest. All pediatric cardiology faculty are actively involved in the fellows’ training.

UT Southwestern Medical Center is a multifaceted academic institution nationally recognized for its excellence in educating physicians, biomedical scientists, and other health care professionals. The Heart Center at Children’s Health℠, an affiliated nonprofit hospital, offers a comprehensive program of specialized care for children with congenital and acquired heart diseases.

In addition to the standard three-year Fellowship Program, we offer qualified fellows additional fourth-year training programs in cardiac critical care, interventional cardiology, advanced cardiac imaging, electrophysiology, heart transplantation, preventive cardiology, prospective clinical research, and basic research. The structure of these experiences depends on the interests and skills of the individual fellow.