Pediatric Cardiology Faculty

Gerald Greil, M.D., Ph.D.
Chief, Division of Pediatric Cardiology
Pogue Family Distinguished Chair in Pediatric Cardiology
Interests: Virtual and real reproductions of heart specimens/virtual surgery; use of multidetector computed tomography (MDCTP) in patients with acquired and congenital heart disease; patient-specific cardiovascular modeling and simulation; morphology and function assessed by whole heart imaging; magnetic resonance coronary angiography (MRCA); interventional cardiac MRI, MRI hybrid laboratories (XMR), and MRI compatible catheter material; improved diagnosis in patients with acquired and congenital heart disease (CHD) using contrast agents

Maria Bano, M.D.
Assistant Professor
Interests: Heart failure and cardiac transplantation

Sarah D. Blumenschein, M.D.
Clinical Associate Professor
Director, Preventive Cardiology
Interests: Cholesterol, congenital heart disease, hyperlipidemia, obesity, and lipid disorders

Ryan Butts, M.D.
Assistant Professor
Interests:  Heart failure, critical care, clinical trials, cardiac transplantation

Bibhuti Das, M.D., FAAP, FACC
Associate Professor
Interests: Pediatric cardiology, pediatric heart transplantation, exercise testing, clinical research in congenital heart disease and transplantations, heart failure, and exercise physiology

V. Vivian Dimas, M.D.
Associate Professor
Interests: Interventional cardiology and novel techniques, and long-term post operative outcomes

Adrian K. Dyer, M.D.
Assistant Professor
Interests: Congenital heart disease, pediatric and fetal echocardiography, and cardiac MRI

David E. Fixler, M.D.
Interests: Congenital heart disease, transplantation, epidemiology of congenital heart disease, and childhood hypertension

Lisa C. Heistein, M.D.
Assistant Professor
Interests: Congenital heart disease, and fetal and pediatric echocardiography

Mohammad Hussain, M.D., Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Interests: Advanced cardiac imaging (echocardiography, MRI, CT), congenital heart disease, cardiomyopathies

Catherine M. Ikemba, M.D.
Associate Professor
Interests: Noninvasive cardiac imaging including transthoracic, transesophageal, and fetal echocardiography, perinatal cardiology and counseling, and psychological impact of prenatal diagnosis

Colin E. Kane, M.D.
Assistant Professor
Interests: General pediatric cardiology, fetal and pediatric echocardiography, and web-based distance medical education

Matthew S. Lemler, M.D.
Interests: Congenital heart disease, echocardiography, noninvasive imaging, fetal echocardiography, single ventricle palliation, aspirin resistance in pediatrics, long-term chemotherapy toxicity, and sedation

Lynn Mahony, M.D.
Director, Pediatric Cardiology Fellowship Program
Interests: Congenital heart disease, congestive heart failure, Marfan syndrome, student athlete pre-participation evaluation, and clinical trials and other studies examining short- and long-term outcomes for patients with congenital heart disease, including quality of life

Sadia Malik, M.D., M.P.H.
Associate Professor
Interests: Genetics of cardiovascular disease, clinical studies

Alan W. Nugent, M.B.B.S., FPACP
Associate Professor
Director, Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory
Interests: Pediatric cardiology, interventional catheterization, cardiovascular intensive care, and interventional cardiology

Claudio Ramaciotti, M.D.
Director, Echocardiography Laboratory
Interests: Congenital heart disease, Duchenne muscular dystrophy, echocardiography, ventricular function, and patent ductus arteriosus in extreme low birth weight infants

William A. Scott, M.D., M.S.
Professor, Associate Vice Chair of Multidisciplinary Programs
Medical Director of Service Line Development, Children’s Healthâ„  
Interests: Cardiac electrophysiology, catheter ablation, pacemaker and defibrillator management, syncope and noninvasive evaluation, arrhythmia diagnosis and management, cardiac involvement in neuromuscular disease, epidemiology of congenital heart disease, heart rate variability, and pacemaker device therapy

Kavita Sharma, M.D.
Assistant Professor
Interests: Fetal cardiology, Kawasaki disease, outreach cardiology

David Sutcliffe, M.D.
Assistant Professor 
Interests: Heart failure, ventricular assist devices, cardiac transplantation

Animesh Tandon, M.D., M.S.
Assistant Professor
Interests: Advanced cardiac imaging (echocardiography, MRI, CT), congenital heart disease, cardiomyopathies

Poonam Punjwani Thankavel, M.D.
Assistant Professor
Interests: 3D echocardiography, transesophageal, and echocardiographic evaluation of the patent ductus arteriosus in neonates

Surendranath R. Veeram Reddy, M.D.
Associate Professor
Interests: Pediatric interventional cardiology, pediatric and adult congenital heart disease, and biodegradable stents for use in children

Thomas M. Zellers, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer, Children’s Healthâ„ 
Interests: Interventional cardiology and novel techniques, congenital heart disease, interventional cardiac catheterization and the role of interventional procedures and devices in congenital heart disease

Ilana J. Zeltser, M.D.
Associate Professor
Interests: Pediatric interventional cardiology, cardiac electrophysiology, cardiovascular screening, post-pericardiotomy syndrome, and sports medicine