Message from the Director

Welcome to the Allergy and Immunology Training Program website at UT Southwestern!

Several points are worth emphasizing as you review the information below. First, I strongly encourage you to submit your application quickly, since Allergy and Immunology (A&I) does not have a match program, and after an interview, we accept applicants on a rolling basis. Second, if you are uncertain about programs having balanced pediatric and adult training experiences, it is worth pointing out that after finishing, all graduates have felt that this aspect of our Fellowship Training Program is a distinct strength. Third, our Program is fully supported by our hospitals, not through grants, and no past or current concerns have been expressed that A&I training should be reduced. Finally, for those who do not know Dallas, it is a great place to live!

Because both the full-time and part-time faculty are uniformly enthusiastic about teaching, I look forward to having the opportunity to explore with you whether your needs and our own can be met by your joining our training program.

If you would like to request an application and information about the process of applying or have any questions about our training program, please feel free to contact me or Demetria Wilson at 214-648-5659.


David Khan, M.D.
Training Program Director