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  • Darin Okuda, M.D.

    Darin Okuda, M.D. and his colleagues conducting a multi-national study found that individuals with radiologically isolated syndrome (RIS) are at risk for a first clinical attack related to demyelination within the central nervous system; the risk appears to be predicated on age, sex, and the presence of cervical or thoracic spinal cord lesions.

    Added March 04, 2014 - Publications
  • Divyanshu Dubey, M.D.

    Divyanshu Dubey, M.D., neurology resident, presented two papers at the 2014 International Stroke Conference. Dr. Dubey's work research focused on a combination therapy for ischemic stroke and smartphone applications for stroke.

    Added March 04, 2014 - Publications
  • Susan iannaccone, M.D.

    Susan Iannaccone, M.D.'s, clinical trial of a drug for children with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) has had promising results. The drug manufacturer, ISIS Pharmaceuticals, reported the drug was well-tolerated at all dose levels and improved disease characteristics. Phase 3 trials are planned for later this year.

    Added March 04, 2014 - Publications
  • Deborah Friedman, MD

    Deborah Friedman, M.D., MPH, FAHS, has been elected to the executive board of the American Headache Society. Dr. Friedman will serve as a member-at-large.

    Added March 03, 2014 - Neurology
  • Teresa Frohman, PA-C

    Teresa Frohman, PA-C, Multiple Sclerosis Program, received the Diana and Richard C. Strauss Award for clinical employee excellence.

    Added February 13, 2014 - Awards

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