Center Laboratories

Molecular Biology Laboratory

The lab supports basic research exploring the molecular biology and genetic basis of urolithiasis and metabolic bone disease. It is a fully equipped facility containing four thermal cyclers and an automated DNA sequencer. A stand-alone transformation laboratory is also present for immortalized of human blood cells.

Komal Vadnagara
Paulette Padalino
Mingchue Hsu

Urine Chemistry Laboratory

The lab is a CLIA-certified laboratory that performs analyses of various urinary analysis involved in kidney stone formation. Major equipment includes a Varian atomic absorption spectrophotometer, Dionex ion-chromatograph, and a Roche Cobas MIRA CC automated analyzer.

(l-r) Leslye Dykes, Jan Koska, Kathy Spangler, Alan Stewart, Paulette Padalino,
and Kathy Hill

Serum Analysis Laboratory

Rebecca Aricheta

The lab performs several analyses underradioimmunoassay or ELISA format. These include vitamin D, PTH, bone turnover markers, as well as peptides such as IGF-1 and insulin.