Student Profile

Veleka Iwuaba in lab
Veleka Iwuaba

Although Veleka Iwuaba grew up in San Diego, California, her love for science and the natural world began in Florida where she was born. Very early on, Veleka’s mother would point out the intricacies of all the living and non-living things, and allowed her to explore them as much as she desired. Veleka’s curiosity continued through college, where she earned a bachelor of science in biology from San Diego State University.

Today, Veleka is studying how depletion of a rate-limiting enzyme in the pyrimidine salvage pathway down regulates EGFR (epidermal growth factor receptor). She hopes that understanding how this enzyme accomplishes this task will lead to a potential therapeutic target in cancer cells with altered EGFR status.

“The cancer biology program offers rigorous scientific interaction amongst peers and faculty.”

"Collaboration at UT Southwestern is strongly encouraged within and without the university," Veleka said. "We have the most Nobel laureates and National Academy of Science members at our university, and many of them are willing to offer scientific advice to students."


Veleka Iwuaba
Cancer Biology Graduate Program
Mentor: Michael White, Ph.D.