Chemistry Training Track Faculty


John MacMillan, Ph.D.

John MacMillan, Ph.D.
Chair, Chemistry Training Track 

Chuo Chen, Ph.D.
Research: Natural product synthesis, synthetic methodology development, small molecule library synthesis, and chemical biology
Chen Lab
Phone: 214-648-5048

David Corey, Ph.D.
Research: Engineering proteins and nucleic acids for novel function
Corey Lab
Phone: 214-645-6155

Jef De Brabander, Ph.D.
Research: Synthesis of natural products and other molecular architectures and interrogation of their mode-of-action using molecular pharmacology and biochemistry
De Brabander Lab
Phone: 214-648-7808

Jinming Gao, Ph.D.
Research interest:  probing lysosome catabolism by nanoparticles;  theranostic nanomedicine for cancer-targeted drug delivery; tumor-activatable imaging nanoprobes
Gao Lab
Phone: 214-645-6370

John MacMillan, Ph.D.
Research: Isolation and structural determination of biologically active natural products from marine bacteria; new methodology for stereochemical assignment; medicinal chemistry
MacMillan Lab
Phone: 214-648-8653

Joseph Ready, Ph.D.
Research: Discovery and application of new chemical reactions; total synthesis of complex molecules
Ready Lab
Phone: 214-648-0313

Daniel Siegwart, Ph.D.
Research Interests: Polymer and materials chemistry, drug and gene delivery, RNAi, biomedical imaging, detection and treatment of cancer
Siegwart Lab
Phone: 214-645-6354

Uttam Tambar, Ph.D.
Research: Synthesis of complex biologically active natural products, and development of new tandem methodologies
Tambar Lab
Phone: 214-648-0580

Associate Members

These faculty members do not accept graduate students. They participate in teaching, co-mentoring, exam and dissertation committees, and all other program responsibilities.