Graduate Career Development

Career Services for Graduate Students and Postdocs

Message from the Director

Dr. Sherry
Natalie Lundsteen, Ph.D.

The Graduate School for Biomedical Sciences at UT Southwestern Medical Center is committed to helping our students and postdoctoral appointees achieve their ultimate goal: a promising and successful career in science. Our career development resources are intended to prepare students and postdocs in the biomedical sciences for careers in academic research and beyond.

We provide resources and opportunities including seminars, workshops, and one-on-one advising appointments, with the goal of helping individuals:

  • Identify and develop the practical skills required for a range of science careers
  • Prepare for the academic job search
  • Explore occupations and industries beyond academic research, and
  • Assess and reflect upon personal factors including values, strengths, and skills in order to assist in choosing a career path.

Keep in mind that there is no single path to take to find the right career. Identifying your career options, interests, and preferences are up to you, so take advantage of career resources at UTSW.

Natalie Lundsteen, Ph.D.
Director of Career Development
Graduate School: Ph.D., University of Oxford

Career Services Office

The UT Southwestern Graduate School's Career Services office is available to all graduate students and postdoctoral appointees. Career Services provides a range of services, including resume preparation, mock interviews, evaluation of seminars, and skills necessary for positions sought, as well as information on both academia and industry careers. The Office of Career Services is housed in NL3.236

We are committed to helping our students and postdoctoral appointees achieve their ultimate goal: a promising and successful career in science.

Natalie Lundsteen, Ph.D. is Director of Career Development. Please feel free to schedule an appointment by calling 214-648-0731 or emailing

Services Available

Resume/CV Preparation

Bring a current copy of your curriculum vitae or resume, along with any first-authored and co-authored publications, to the Career Services office. A Career Services staffer will review your resume.

Mock Interviews

Interviewing can be a nerve-racking experience. Preparation is essential in presenting yourself as the expertly qualified candidate that you are. You will have the opportunity to practice your presentation skills either individually or to a panel committee.

Seminar Evaluation

Critique of seminars is crucial in addressing weakness and assessing strengths in presentation and teaching styles. Your seminar can be critiqued either individually or by a panel committee.

Skills Inventory

Completing a self-assessment, coupled with a skills inventory by the placement office, can give you the opportunity to work toward your goal of a successful career in science.

Career Services Forms

Before your scheduled appointment with Career Services, please complete the following:

  • The candidate profile gives a complete picture of your employment goals. All requested documentation on this form should be submitted (in either electronic or hard-copy form) no less than five days before your appointment.
  • The Career Services questionnaire is an evaluative tool and inventory of your skills, education, and career goals. Completing this form in its entirety is essential in determining the course of action taken to secure employment. Please feel free to contact a Career Services official should you need help or have questions or comments regarding the completion of these forms.