New: FAMIS Facilities Management service request system

Starting Tuesday, Sept. 5, Facilities, in partnership with Information Resources (IR), will launch Facilities Asset Management Information System (FAMIS). This user-friendly, modern, cloud-based management system will assist Facilities staff with service/work requests, maintenance, asset tracking, and more.

Why is this change necessary?

FAMIS will improve efficiency and enhance collaboration between departments and Facilities as the needs of UTSW increase. In addition, this new system will provide vital data to our Facilities leaders, so they can continue providing a better customer experience to all areas across UTSW.

What’s changing?

Starting Sept. 5, employees must submit all maintenance work orders, inspections, and service requests via FAMIS instead of PeopleSoft. This system conveniently holds all Facilities service requests in one location.

How will this change benefit UTSW?

Key features making FAMIS a standout for departments include:

Streamlining processes:

  • Allows different work requests/orders assigned to Facilities to be tracked in a central system, making it easier for departments to manage requests.
  • Equips Facilities Managers and Supervisors with a more efficient means of prioritizing and scheduling work to be done by Facilities team members. This results in a better customer experience for users across UTSW.

Increased visibility:

  • Enables departments and individuals to view the status of their requests without having to log additional ServiceNow tickets, saving time.
  • Allows you to track service/work requests in real time.

Planning and organization:

  • Provides Facilities Managers and Supervisors with up-to-date cost data (such as labor hours, parts, and purchases) relating to requests.

Training and Resources

  • Take the online training (duration approximately 10 minutes) to access additional resources and learn how to submit and review your service requests using FAMIS.
  • For more information, including updates, visit and bookmark the Facilities Management and FAMIS pages (VPN required when off campus).