State-ordered block of TikTok

On Dec. 7, Gov. Greg Abbott issued an order to all Texas state agencies to ban the downloading or use of TikTok on any of its government-issued devices out of growing concern regarding the collection and use of data harvested through the TikTok application. To comply with the governor’s order and ensure the security of information at UT Southwestern, the use of TikTok on institutional equipment will be blocked, effective immediately.

This ban applies to all UTSW-issued desktop and laptop computers, tablets, smart phones, and other internet-connected devices. In addition, any device connected to the UT Southwestern network (e.g., physical or VPN) will have TikTok blocked even if the device is owned by an employee or student. This block will not affect the public guest network used by patients and visitors in our hospitals and clinics at this time.

The Texas Department of Public Safety’s Cyber Security Division and the Texas Department of Information Resources will provide updated guidance related to personal devices by Jan. 15, 2023, and UT Southwestern will communicate that information as soon as it is available.