Demolition of old Parkland to begin this May

The demolition of former Parkland Memorial Hospital on Harry Hines Boulevard will begin May 15. The four-year project, which includes building a new facility at the location, is part the continual growth and progress of Southwestern Medical District and a sign of new facilities that will improve quality care for our patients.

We have gathered input from medical students, faculty, and employees to determine how this change is going to impact them and how to best meet their needs in safe, convenient ways. We will continue to listen to feedback and consider additional walkways and other options as the project gets underway. 

We understand that the change is inconvenient for some people. This pedestrian traffic includes faculty and other employees walking from new Parkland Hospital, Children’s Medical Center, the Sprague Building, and Zale Lipshy Pavilion through old Parkland to UT Southwestern’s South Campus, which includes Aston Ambulatory Center, the lower-level food court in Gooch, and other locations.

More information about traveling between these locations:

  • The current walkway through old Parkland to South Campus is not heavily used, but as many as 300 people who use it daily will need to use designated routes starting May 15.
  • There are three options for traveling between these different parts of campus once construction begins.
    • Pedestrians can use two routes, one along Harry Hines and one along Southwestern Medical Avenue. 
    • UTSW will provide shuttle service to and from different locations for those who prefer not to walk. The shuttle route will take about 10 minutes to complete all three stops.
    • Parkland will also provide enhanced employee shuttles (24/7) to get medical students from the old Parkland ED garage on Southwestern Medical Avenue to new Parkland.
  • For those who choose none of these options, faculty and employees can also park in the Medical District parking garage (aka Motor Street parking garage) and then drive and park in other parts of campus. 

These maps show the walking path around the construction zone, shuttle route and stops, and parking locations. Please note that exact entry points and pedestrian walkways are being finalized and updates will be coming soon.