2023 Conflict of Interest (COI) Statements due Jan. 9–Mar. 1, 2023


Appropriate disclosure and management of financial interests and outside activities/employment is vital to protecting UT Southwestern’s reputation for excellence and maintaining the public’s trust. Each year, UT Southwestern Medical Center faculty members, researchers, medical students, and certain others (Covered Individuals) must complete a COI Statement of Financial Interests (“Statement”). Not all employees at UTSW are Covered Individuals. If you receive an email prompting you to submit a Statement, you are a Covered Individual.

Covered Individuals must complete the 2023 Statement between Jan. 9 and Mar. 1.

Beginning Jan. 9, Covered Individuals will receive notifications from COI-SMART prompting them to complete and submit their 2023 Statement before Mar. 1.

Statements cannot be submitted prior to Jan. 9, 2023.

Covered Individuals include: all faculty, research staff, advanced practice providers (APPs), executive leadership, medical students, designated institutional standing committee members, and those with certain purchasing authority. Other nonfaculty employees do not need to complete the annual COI Statement.

Adjunct, emeritus, and volunteer faculty who do not participate in research do not need to submit a Statement. Those who participate in research are still required to submit a COI Statement. Adjunct, emeritus, or volunteer faculty are not subject to outside activity approval requirements.

While 2022 information will be available in your 2023 Statement in COI-SMART, Covered Individuals must verify and update information as needed and ensure that all questions have been answered in full. Additional questions have been added to the 2023 COI Statement to better understand certain personal activities and financial interests, such as private practice ownership and internationally based activities.

Please note that all international activity disclosures must include a written agreement, in English, that has been uploaded into COI-SMART or sent to the COI Office.

Outside Activities

All UTSW individuals who do not need to complete an annual COI Statement are still required to submit an Outside Activity/Employment (OAE) request prior to engaging in outside activities that are not pre-approved according to UTSW policy EMP-158.

Contact the COI Office if you engage in outside activities/employment but do not need to complete an annual COI Statement and have not yet requested approval. Individuals who have already submitted a COI Statement do not need to submit any additional forms for their outside activities. If you have submitted an OAE request in previous years, you will be contacted via email with a link to submit an OAE request for approval in 2023.

From now until Jan. 9, the COI-SMART system will be closed in order to complete the year-end review. If a disclosure or outside activity/employment request is needed prior to Jan. 9: conflictofinterest@utsouthwestern.edu.

For more information, please visit UTSW’s Conflict of Interest website. (VPN required for off-campus access.)