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Preemie reunion

She came into this world weighing less than a pound. Now, Celeste Salgado is celebrating life as a healthy and vibrant 10-year-old. She and several other former preemies recently reunited with their Neonatal Intensive Care Unit heroes at UT Southwestern's William P. Clements Jr. University Hospital.


[Narrator] 10 year old Celeste Salgado came into this world dangerously small, but mighty.

[Mother] She was only 440 grams at birth.

[Narrator] That's less than a pound.

We wanted her to have the opportunity to live and thankfully we did and here she is now.

[Narrator] Now celebrating her 10th birthday. She was born at just 24 weeks and one day and spent nine months in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

We're blessed and thankful to be where we are now.

[Narrator] That's a feeling shared by all these families who came out for the Annual NICU Preemie Party at UT Southwestern Medical Center. Their children--

He's a fighter.

[Narrator] Had an army of clinical specialists, nurses and supporters helping them get to where they are today.

I decided to come because I wanted to see some of their nurses and their doctors.

It's just very rewarding for us, all of our hard work, the working nights and it's rewarding to see them grow and to see them come back every year.

[Narrator] Miosotis Mejia organized the reunion

It just always felt like a calling.

[Narrator] She chose a career as a NICU nurse because she was born premature herself.

I was a 26 week-er. It really gives them a lot of comfort, this many years ago this nurse, this preemie and now she's taking care of babies. The same kind of babies.

[Narrator] Like Osburn "Ozzie" Williams.

It's important for me, for him, to know where he was born and how he was born and how many people are responsible for him being here.

[Narrator] Amy Davidson-Williams says being a Type 1 Diabetic and 41-years-old contributed to her high risk pregnancy. She delivered at 30 weeks after discovering she had preeclampsia.

When they say "He weighs three pounds and he's unable to breathe on his own." The world sort of stopped turning for me.

[Narrator] But she says it's UT Southwestern that set things back in motion.

We were invited and welcomed to be a part of his care.

[Narrator] And gave her son the life this first time mom had longed for, for years.

[Amy] He's a very happy little boy.