2018 UT Southwestern Employee Recognition

Each year, as part of UT Southwestern’s Employee Recognition Week, we honor our longest-serving employees who have helped make our institution what it is today. 2018, UT Southwestern’s 75th anniversary, is a particularly meaningful year to recognize the contributions of some of our most dedicated employees who also have helped shape what this institution will be in the future.

{Video opens with animated text that reads “Employee Recognition Week – Thank you for your years of service.” As the animation dissolves, UT Southwestern Medical Center President Dr. Daniel Podolsky appears on-camera. A photo montage of employees celebrating 25+ years at UT Southwestern rolls as Dr. Podolsky speaks.}

Dr. Daniel Podolsky: Each year as part of UT Southwestern’s Employee Recognition Week, we honor our longest-serving employees who have helped make our institution what it is today. 2018 -- our 75th anniversary year -- is a particularly meaningful year to recognize the contribution of some of our most dedicated employees who also have helped shape what this institution will become in the future. As it happens, this year marks a milestone for me personally. It’s my 10th year as president. Only 15 years to go before I too can join the quarter century club. But it’s from that experience that I’m all the more appreciative of the many years of service of the following individuals. On behalf of all of us at UT Southwestern, our deepest gratitude goes to this year’s honor roll of long-term employees.

{Footage of William P. Clements Jr. University Hospital plays over the voice of Margaret Mitchell, a housekeeping attendant since 1967. Margaret then appears on-camera before historic photos of St. Paul Hospital are shown.}

Margaret: The place is steadily growing. It’s really growing. My name is Margaret Mitchell, and I’ve worked here for 50 years and when I first started, my first day, I worked at the hospital with the nuns. That was St. Paul. You’d come in. They treated you just like family members. I enjoy being around people and coming to work.

{Photos of Margaret Mitchell precede a close-up shot of Mary Harrison, a housekeeping supervisor and UT Southwestern employee since 1977. Mary and Margaret are best friends. Mary speaks as photos of her slowly zoom in and out.}

Mary: I met Margaret when I started. She was just a joy. My name is Mary Harrison. I work at Clements University Hospital. I’ve been working here for 40 years. I started off as housekeeper and then I went from a housekeeper to a group leader and then from a group leader up to a supervisor where I am now. You get to meet people and it’s just a family.

{A photo of a birthday cake is shown}

Margaret: Her sister helped me give her a birthday dinner. Brought all the food in, then we surprised her at work and she cried (laughter).

{Side-by-side photos of Margaret and Mary appear.}

Mary: She’s always surprising me, always doing something for me.

Margaret: Friends on the job and friends off the job.

{Research and lab footage plays over the voice of Susan Cox, a medical technologist since 1975.}

Susan: I chose to stay here because of the wonderful people and the great support that we’ve gotten in the lab. I just feel like it’s been a home for me for 40 years.

{Stacey Grant begins speaking. She’s a medical technologist and one of Susan’s closest friends at work. Photos of Susan cover portions of Stacey’s comments.}

Stacey: I went around to some of my coworkers and I was like describe Susan in one word, and these are some of the answers I got: Dependable, loyal, thoughtful, meticulous and the one that I came up with is patience. Everybody goes to her whether it be something work related or something that’s going on in your life, you know that she’ll have an answer for you.

{An aerial photo of UT Southwestern comes into view along with other historic photos during Susan’s career.}

Susan: I started at St. Paul Hospital in 1975 with their School of Medical Technology.  If I tell anyone outside the hospital that I work at UT Southwestern, they just are very impressed and I’m just proud of this organization.

{Darrel Conger appears on-camera. He’s a senior neuro-ophthalmic imaging specialist celebrating his 30th anniversary at UT Southwestern. Video spotlighting the Peter O’Donnell Brain Institute is shown while Darrel speaks}

Darrel: I’ve gotten to meet some great, wonderful people. Physicians, residents, fellows, over the years.  It was a burnt orange everything UT Health Science Center when I went to work here, and it’s changed so much. (06:46) The Peter O’Donnell Brain Institute. That’s an incredible initiative that effects not just the neurology department, but so many others. I work with both adults and children doing both research and patient-related tests related to the eyes. I really love the work that I do. I met my wife here.

{Darrel and his wife’s wedding photo is shown as the voice of Amy Conger is heard. Amy is Darrel’s wife and a senior neuro-ophthalmic imaging specialist, as well.}

Amy: Darrel and I met almost 18 years ago. One weekend, I just got an email from him at home [and] said hi, how you doing? Would you like to go to the movies?  I think Darrel really likes UT Southwestern, being a part of the team here because technology is always advancing. I think he really enjoys the interaction with the patients and it’s unusual to be able to find that sort of setting outside of an academic medical institution.

{To Thai appears next. He’s a senior lab technician who is also celebrating 30 years at UT Southwestern.}

To: I really love to work at UT Southwestern.

{5th year neuroscience graduate student, Alex Sonneborn begins speaking. He’s one of To’s closest colleagues.}

Alex: To is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. To is our senior lab technician. Mainly, we are a sleep lab. He does better work on certain techniques than a lot of PhDs I know.

{Old photos of To cycle through.}

To: I became the president of the Vietnamese community from ‘04  until ’10. I always say, your children, try to work hard and study. Get into UT Southwestern and to work.

Margaret: If you want to work, come here and have a good time.

Mary: I learned to really love what I’m doing so that’s why I’ve been here so long.

Susan: I just really am very proud of where I work.

Darrel: I didn’t think I would be here this long (laughter), but I don’t know if I could imagine working at any other place.

To: I think UT Southwestern is the best (smile).

{UT Southwestern 75th anniversary animation plays and then the video fads to black.}