Developing Dallas into biotechnology hub

UT Southwestern is at the leading edge of efforts to turn North Texas into the country’s next hub for biotechnology. The Medical Center has licensed more than 800 inventions to major pharmaceutical and biotech companies across the globe leading to the creation of more than 60 startup ventures.


(Video opens with the voice of Frank Grassler, J.D., UT Southwestern’s Vice President of Technology Development. Video is shown of high-technology and researchers at work.)

“Dallas-Fort Worth has traditionally been an economic giant in the fields such as transportation, cattle, oil and gas, telecommunications and high-technology. It was only recently that the opportunities to invest in the biomedical field have come to the attention of investors in this area. That’s why this area is prime for growth and expansion in this newly emerging industry.”

“In treating our patients and in conducting our world-class biomedical research, UT Southwestern faculty and students annually come up with hundreds of inventions.”

“The mission of the school is to take its research and discoveries and inventions and through the dynamic of mass production get our work out to the global patient population.”

“According to Nature Magazine, we are now the #5 institution in the world in terms of our impact on industrial innovation.”

“The Office for Technology Development has overseen the creation of over 60 startup ventures, and we have licensed over 800 inventions to major pharmaceutical and biotech companies in the United States and around the world.”

“We receive inventions from our faculty and students that cover a wide variety of technologies. Biotechnology is simply one of them. We also get inventions in mechanical devices, in medical therapeutic devices, in laboratory research tools, in software both to promote chemistry and biology research.”

“We are full of optimism and it cheers us and spurs us on to know that we are bringing hope to millions of patients in the worldwide patient population.”