Conquering Cancer game plan put into play

It takes more than words to conquer cancer. It takes a full-court press. That's why Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings, Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price and the Dallas Mavericks are supporting UT Southwestern in their game plan to save lives.


Hi Mav fans, I invited Betsy over from Fort Worth to Dallas to Conquer Cancer.

I'm glad to be here to Conquer Cancer.

The Mavericks as community leaders, the mayors of both cities, Dallas and Fort Worth are important part of that vision of our cancer center.

This is about treatment, prevention and screening so everybody get tested and let's do this. I bet there's not a soul in this arena who hasn't been touched by cancer at some point, including me and you.

The time to prevent and screen for cancer is now. We can do it, but we have to start now.

The UT Southwestern has decided they're gonna step up and we've gotta conquer this disease. So let's do it.

The best way and the smartest way to deal with cancer is to prevent it and/or to catch it early. By screening it with mammograms, colonoscopies, HPV vaccination, hepatitis screen, avoidance of smoking, keeping our weight down, observing a well-balanced diet. All those things empower communities, citizens to control their destiny and prevent cancer.

Let's beat cancer, let's conquer it.

And let's go Mavs.

Go Mavs.