UT Southwestern students are united to serve

Dozens of UT Southwestern students are showing what it means to care for the community. They spent a recent Saturday hosting a free health fair at Thomas J. Rusk Middle School that offered much more than just screenings and health education for the hundreds who attended the event.


- [Narrator] There is a tremendous amount of gratitude.

- We're are feeling really good because everyone is amazing.

- [Narrator] For the dozens of UT Southwestern medical center volunteers

- Did you want to listen too?

- [Narrator] Mostly students who donated a recent Saturday

- Did you hear that?

- [Narrator] to care for the community.

- Just do your best. Having opportunities like this, you know, to serve, where I get to see my classmates and get to reach out into the community that's so close to us is really awesome. I think I've had more fun than I even expected, because everyone here is so grateful and so happy that we've all come here and that we're all here to help.

- [Narrator] Helping families like Veronica Rico and her two teenage daughters, who received physical examinations and vision tests at no cost. We're a lot of low income families and all that, and it was really good to see how many people even showed up and got to get a lot of free screenings. As you see the lines are packed for diabetic check and health check, so it's really good.

- You are bring us a good service.

- [Narrator] Joseline Monceda

- [Joseline] She gonna be a doctor.

- [Narrator] came to TJ Russ middle school with her niece Stacy.

- We just came in because she has pain in her tooth and we come in for medical service and many fun.

- [Male] The cloudy stuff, again is the DNA.

- [Narrator] There were interactive teaching demonstrations, educational booths, heart-healthy foods, lessons in suturing and hands-on experiments.

- I made a stress ball. When you're stressed you squeeze it.

- That's kind of what your heart looks like there.

- Science is really interesting and fun and I want to become a scientist like my mom.

- [Narrator] A childhood goal set at a community health fair, now celebrating 15 years of success, thanks to the students' dedicated planning, professionalism, and pride in delivering the best patient care.

- It's really rewarding because I don't feel like I'm doing that much. Can you read this letter?

- Yes, yes.

- [Priscilla] When they show how thankful they are, it's crazy how something so small can make such a big difference in someone's life. Thinking that as a doctor that I can do even more, it's a really cool thought.