Increasing water consumption to ward off bladder infections

New research suggests drinking more water may be women's best defense against bladder infections.

They’re painful. They are inconvenient for women. They can happen out of the blue.

Listen up, laides. 

If you’re among the 50 percent of women who suffer from bladder infections… it’s time to drink up.

Nope. Not cranberry juice.


{Yair Lotan, M.D./Professor, Urology}

This study basically took women who had to have had at least 3 infections in the last year and gave half the women one and a half liters more of fluid…to drink one with each meal throughout the day and the other women were just told to do what they normally do…and the interesting thing in the study is we found that women in the water group had a nearly 50 percent reduction in the number of urinary tract infections they had.

A drop from roughly 3 infections a year… to 1.

UT Southwestern medical center’s dr. Yair lotan…who was the study’s senior author and is a professor of urology… says drinking more water is an easy intervention.

It also has economic benefits.

Dr. Lotan says bladder infections cost the u-s roughly 2 billion dollars annually… when you comibne the price of medication, doctor and hospital visits and the loss of productivity by women taking leave from work.       

So, grab an extra glass of water… or better yet, two.

It’s just what the doctor ordered.