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Apollo 11 inspires career path for UTSW cardiologist

Dr. Benjamin Levine was at summer camp when he eagerly watched the Apollo 11 moon landing 50 years ago. He's since been working alongside NASA for three decades while helping to further space research.


I was at summer camp in July of 1969. And I was in a small camp up in the woods in Maine and everybody gathered around in the main dining room and they broadcast the black and white images across and it was quite exciting and very dramatic. And it's somethin' that always excited and interested me. And you know I would frequently, I was the kinda kid who used to write to people. So I wrote to Neil Armstrong to get his autograph. Well it's been a lifelong process for me. It's certainly very satisfying to be able to do that work. It's what drew me here to Dallas and it's been fun to continue to participate in virtually every dedicated cardiovascular mission in the space program.