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Forest of Light: The Artists' perspective

Dallas Artists, Frances Bagley and Tom Orr, discuss their new installation for UT Southwestern and the healing power of art.


- [Frances] Forest of Light is an installation that is meant to be experienced. One of the primary elements is light, hence it's called Forest of Light. The installation is configured as a grove of trees.

- So it really is like you're walking into something totally different than poles sticking up in a park, or something. It's actually made up of poles. Steel poles that are powder coated and acrylic poles that light up.

- One of the aspects of being an artist is the spiritual quality of it. Artists are very attuned to what is not seen, the feeling and the connection to life is a primary force for most artists.

- Hopefully the enjoyment of just kind of wondering what this is, what am I looking at, to me, that makes artwork really exciting and I think that especially in a hospital situation where you're trying to think about other things, I think that would be a good thing to have.

- People can forget their daily life and go into another realm, their imagination or their sense of discovery, and all of those things are extremely beneficial to health.

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