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Physician assistant program recognized for excellence

Physician assistants work as a part of an inclusive health care team to provide excellent patient care at UT Southwestern.

UT Southwestern received a 2020-21 Employer of Excellence Award from the American Academy of PAs (AAPA) Center for Healthcare Leadership and Management for creating a workplace with high physician assistant engagement and satisfaction. Learn more about the recognition here.

In the video, hear how PAs help provide quality patient care at UTSW.



[John Warner, M.D.]

At UT Southwestern, we don't measure ourselves by whether or not we win awards, but we sure like to win them for the right reasons. And so it's very meaningful to us to receive the Employer of Excellence Award from the AAPA, because it recognizes the environment that we create here at UT Southwestern for teams to work together, to achieve things together and to care for people together. Patients often ask what a physician assistant is, what a PA is. The term itself, assistant, suggests that they're assisting the doctor, but that's really not the way we think about it at UT Southwestern. We think of PAs as partners in caring for patients together with the whole provider team.

[Veronica Coleman, M.P.A.S., PA-C]

It's really nice to be a part of an institution that acknowledges the work that you do. They acknowledge the ability that you have as a physician assistant. And I think the way that you excel in providing quality patient care is when you really can have that teamwork. Here at UT Southwestern we do an excellent job of it.

[Diana Mendoza, M.P.A.S., PA-C]

It's certainly further cements the reasons why I sought out coming to UT Southwestern. PAs are represented across the enterprise. I happen to be a very proud alum of the UT Southwestern PA program. For me, truly returning to UT Southwestern has been a return home.

[Christopher Roo, MBA, M.S.N., ACNP-BC]

Having PAs across the entire continuum of care, being involved in every piece of the mission of this organization, it's an honor, it's a testament to the front line PA staff that we're able to achieve this award and this level of engagement.

[John Warner, M.D.]

To everyone that made winning this award possible, thank you.

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