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Dinah Barrilleaux: 25 years

Woman in navy blue top
Dinah Barrilleaux

Senior Division Operations Administrator
Division of Cardiology, Department of Internal Medicine

First UTSW job: Assisting with implementation of the human resources management system (HRMS) project.

Best parts about my job: The people, and creating processes that help others do their jobs more efficiently.

What energizes me at work: My team and their ideas. We are always trying to innovate and make our work environment a better place.

How co-workers describe me: Passionate – I get excited about new projects and sharing that vision with others in terms that energize them so that we share a common goal.

Recipe for success: I like to accomplish things – it's that checklist thing. You determine a goal, map out what it takes, share the vision, and watch it take shape. Then you celebrate and move on to the next idea.

I’m really good at: Creating all kinds of things with textiles and a sewing machine.

I wish I were an instant expert at: All things Microsoft 365.

Surprising fact: I designed and made several wedding dresses, including my own.

Claim to fame: I am a cancer survivor.

Hobbies or passions: Being with my family, spending time with my grandkids, and reading.

Final note: Over the years I have had eight family members working at UTSW, plus my husband was involved in the mechanical engineering plans for William P. Clements Jr. University Hospital.

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