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Takahashi receives Gruber Prize for circadian rhythms discoveries

Woman giving award to man on stage
Dr. Joseph Takahashi receives the Gruber Neuroscience Prize in honor of his breakthrough research on circadian rhythms that advances our understanding of the nervous system. Bestowing part of the prize to Dr. Takahashi is Dr. Susan Amara, Chair of the Selection Advisory Board to the Gruber Neuroscience Prize.

Dr. Joseph Takahashi, noted for discovering the first gene controlling biological clocks in mammals, was awarded the Gruber Neuroscience Prize at the recent Society of Neuroscience annual meeting in Chicago. His lab is using new techniques to research how the timing of calorie intake may impact lifespan, and he believes those studies may lead to the next big discovery in his field. 

Visit the UT Southwestern Newsroom to read the full story.

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