Tau Amyloids

Amyloids are ordered protein assemblies that can transmit biological information and cause disease.


Amyloid Cell Uptake

Tau amyloids bind the cell surface.


Tau Prion Strains

Tau prions form unique strains in cells.


Tau Prion Pathology

Tau prion seeds induce unique pathology.

Meet the PI

Marc Diamond, M.D.

Our Philosophy

We focus on neurodegen-
erative diseases linked to amyloid protein accumulation with the goal of developing mechanism-based diagnosis and therapy.

Our Research

We are studying neurodegeneration from the standpoint of prion biology and protein aggregation. All major neurodegenerative diseases are relentlessly progressive, and virtually all are linked to the accumulation of protein amyloids.

Our Staff

Learn about the people who work in the Marc Diamond Lab.