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A game-changing expansion

Neurosurgeons, anesthesiologists and hospital staff used VR to help with design.

It’s a game-changing expansion in every sense of the meaning! UT Southwestern Medical Center neurosurgeons, anesthesiologists and hospital staff are stepping into virtual reality and helping to design the best space to their jobs. They’re seeing in 3D the high-tech space that will comprise the new 3rd tower at William P. Clements Jr. University Hospital.

“It did increase quite a bit going from a 15-inch footprint to a 12-inch footprint.”

It requires a vivid imagination to envision what will become of blueprints.

“I don’t have the existing plan up here on that side.”

But what if you could put on a pair of goggles and tap a button transporting you to the future?

“It was awesome.”

These UT Southwestern Medical Center neurosurgeons, anesthesiologists…and hospital staff…

…are stepping into virtual reality and helping to design the best space to do their jobs.

{SUPER: Sherri Medina/Director, Surgical Services/Zale Lipshy University Hospital}

“It was literally like you were walking into an operating room.”

That’s when the new 3rd Tower at William P. Clements Jr. University Hospital will open… welcoming inpatient services currently housed at Zale Lipsy University Hospital. 

{SUPER: David McDonagh, M.D./Professor, Anesthesiology & Pain Management, Neurological Surgery, Neurology & Neurotherapeutics}

“Zale Lipshy is about 30 years old. It opened in 1989 and the operating rooms are just much smaller than what is currently designed in the new hospital today, and there all different sizes and different configurations so we’re really looking forward to having a standardized OR room and much bigger OR rooms.”

Drs. David McDonaugh and Babu Welch co-chair the committee providing input for the new operating rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floors.

{SUPER: Babu Welch, M.D./Professor, Neurosurgery & Radiology}

“This is the first time I’ve used the virtual reality piece and I think it’s invaluable. It’s very useful. You’re in it.”

{SUPER: Stan Parnell/CallisonRTKL, Senior Associate Vice President}

“We’re using VR to replicate what the future build out will look like to help the clinicians and future users relate to the space and maybe inform us as to what adjustments might want to be made prior to us getting to a point of finalizing the last detail of the space.”

This space that will evolve into a specialized operating suite called an intraoperative MRI. It allows surgeons to capture detailed, real-time views of the brain during surgery.

{SUPER: Archana Cronjaeger/AVP Hospital Facilities}

“We started this process a couple of years ago when we were talking to them. What they wanted. Once we got what they wanted, we put that on paper. Now we can show them what we have and now they can see for themselves what they thought they were asking us to do. Now, they can see what we actually presented to them.”

Mapping UT Southwestern’s expansion in a high-tech way.

It’s already proving to be a *game-changer… in every sense of the meaning.

{Sherri Medina} I think being able to actually see the space for myself has made me realize that we definitely are going to have the space we need to provide the care for our patients that we need to.”

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