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Singing nurse spreads hope through song

Registered nurse Donald Jones greets hospital visitors with song.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, registered nurse Donald Jones is using his voice to spread joy to hospital visitors and staff. He's one of the many nurses we honor for Nurses Week, May 6 - May 12, and whom we are grateful for all year-round.

Listen to his rendition of "When You Believe" above.


 ♪ In this time of fear

♪ ♪ When prayer so often proves in vain

♪ ♪ Hope seems like the summer birds

♪ ♪ Too swiftly flown away

♪ ♪ Yet, now I'm standing here

♪ ♪ With hearts so full I can't explain

♪ ♪ Seeking faith and speaking words

♪ ♪ I never thought I'd say

♪ ♪ There can be miracles

♪ ♪ When you believe

♪ ♪ The hope is frail

♪ ♪ It's hard to kill

♪ ♪ Who knows what miracles

♪ ♪ You can achieve

♪ ♪ When you believe

♪ ♪ Somehow you will

♪ ♪ You will when you believe

♪ Thank you, thank you.

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