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UTSW caregivers bring comfort to family during difficult time

For Nurses Week, family of Rupesh Kotiya shares how UT Southwestern granted a young father’s wish to save the lives of others as his life was being taken by ALS.

As Nurses Week comes to an end, we share the touching story of Rupesh (Rup) Kotiya, his wife, Siobhan, and their children. In 2014, Rup was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), an incurable nervous system disease that causes loss of muscle control and eventual death. Rup bravely battled for more than nine years before succumbing to the disease and donating his organs to save four lives.

“We were so fortunate with the nurses we had at UT Southwestern,” Siobhan said. “I hope they take away that everything you do is seen and it’s heard and it’s worth it. They’re giving hope to others, and it makes a difference.”

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