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UTSW Medical Students make a difference in the community

UT Southwestern medical students volunteer in clinics around Dallas to gain professional experience and to help the community.

Video Transcript:


- Miss Davis, good morning!

- Good morning, how are you?

- UT Southwestern is teaching us to be competent physicians but they're also teaching us to treat the patient holistically.

- Our students are remarkable. They're bright, they're talented but they're incredibly caring and compassionate. And they get involved in the community.

- What's really cool about the opportunities for community involvement here at UT Southwestern is really the range. It can start from free clinics that target specific patient populations throughout Dallas. There are also screening that you can do. For example there's a hepatitis C screening clinic.

- We have clinic all throughout Dallas that people can volunteer at, really just like serving the community as well.

- Our at risk population, people that have virtually nothing, we get to interact with those populations as well as any population you can imagine. The VA as well as our Dallas population, just everyone, every type of patient that you might encounter in real practice.

- One of the things that I did when I got down here in the first couple of years was spend time at the free clinics that you see Southwestern offers. It's a really great way to not only give back to the people that need it most in the area, but also to work one on one with some of the faculty that you'll run into while you're here.

- Your experience of the school is one that will fulfill you and also prepare you in the way you need to be prepared.

- Whatever you want to do, you have the support from the institution to go out into the community and really make a difference.

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